Rebekah CSR

Rebekah joined us in June of 2022 and has been in the industry since 2020. Before completing the VMR program at Olds College, Rebekah volunteered at our clinic in 2018! After working as a dog groomer and deciding it just wasn’t for her, but knowing she still wanted to be around pets and had reception experience, Rebekah decided the veterinary reception world was for her. Her favourite part of working in a vet clinic is making sure all our clients and patients are well looked after and get everything they need.

She previously also worked overseas in China and Japan as an English teacher for 13 years.

Rebekah has 1 horse, 2 cats, and an Italian greyhound named Tristan. Tristan came very close to being euthanized due to having a deformed limb, but thankfully Rebekah was there to step in and take him on!