Dr. Nick Barbaza


Dr. Nick Barbaza
Dr. Nick Barbaza DVM

Dr. Nick graduated from the Cluj-Napoca Veterinary Medical School in 2005 in Transylvania, Romania. He developed his love for animals at a very early age, when he was in middle school he started breeding fox terriers! He decided to leave Europe right after graduation from vet school and explore the North American continent.

He worked in small animal practices in the Bay Area, California and Vancouver prior to moving to Edmonton, AB in 2012 with his wife and son. After working for three and a half years as an associate at a small animal veterinary clinic in Edmonton, he decided to fulfill his dream and start his very own veterinary practice here. 

Dr. Nick loves internal medicine and the challenges of behavioural cases, and has a special love for ultrasonography. He believes that the visits in the clinic should be relaxing and informative for the whole family and very much promotes the fear free concept. 

In his spare time he enjoys hiking, photography and spending time with his wife, his two sons, their cat Zack and little papillon, Daisy.