Due to the increase in demand for veterinary services we kindly ask that you plan in advance for routine visits. At this time we are booking 7-10 days in advance for Wellness/Vaccine appointments. In addition, all prescription refills will require a minimum of 24-48 hours notice.

Drop Off Form

Instructions for Surgery or Dental Procedures 

Cats & Dogs: Surgical and dental cases need to be dropped of between 8-9 am. Please do not offer any solid food after 10 pm the night before the procedure. Water can be offered through the night. Skip breakfast. 

Diabetic and pediatric patients should not be fasted for long periods of time. Please call for instructions!

Rabbits & Pocket Pets: Fasting is not recommended for herbivores as they have a very sensitive GI tract. Please bring along some hay, veggies, or other food they preffer. 

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