AHT Student

Sariah AHT Student

Sariah came to Edmonton, Alberta all the way from the Philippines in 2016! While living in the Philippines Sariah had a wide variety of pets; Dogs, Ducks, Bunnies, Fish and even a Pigeon for a short time. Being around animals her whole life made going to NAIT to complete the Veterinary Medical Assisting program in 2019 a natural thing for Sariah to do. While in school at NAIT the Covid-19 pandemic hit mid-way through the school year, which meant many clinics where not willing to take on practicum students anymore. But we are SO glad that Sariah found us and was able to complete her practicum with us in September of 2019. Once the end of her practicum came, we knew we could not let her go and she has been with us ever since! We also hope to have Sariah be apart of our RVT team one day!

Sariah is another avid bunny lover of the Glenora Family Pet Clinic team and currently owns a Lionhead Lop named “Leo”.

In here free time she loves listening to music and going to concerts, travelling and exploring, and trying all the new and different restaurants that Edmonton has to offer!