Provisional Technologist

Sydney Provisional Technologist

Sydney had quite the journey before joining us here at Glenora Family Pet Clinic. She originally moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba from Vietnam in 2015, and after deciding she wanted to become an RVT, she made the move from Winnipeg to Edmonton to attend the AHT program at NAIT! After graduating in June of 2022, she took some time for herself and then joined our team in November 2022!

Sydney has a special interest in anesthesia & anesthesia safety. After having a bad experience with a childhood pet, Sydney wants to do everything she can to prevent someone else from experiencing the same thing. She also loves ear cytology and thinks that yeast are super cute! Even if they are troublesome...

Sydney and her roomies have a pet hedgehog named “Goose” and even though he is a spicy spikey boy… they love him anyways!