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Behavioural Counselling

Professional help to manage disruptive and dangerous behaviours in your pet.

Behaviour issues are the number one cause for pet relinquishment in North America. Attempting to curb your pet's behaviours on your own can be quite frustrating. We can help identify cases that may have a medical component (thyroid issues, infections, pain, etc) or determine if a behavior modification program and/or medication should be introduced.

When should my pet see a behaviour specialist?

As your pet's guardian you can easily determine when their behaviour is too much for you to handle. You may find yourself rescheduling or changing your routine to accommodate your cat or dog's behaviours. Here are some naughty behaviours that a specialist can help with:

  1. Aggression towards people and other animals
  2. Hiding, whining or pacing
  3. Separation anxiety - destroying the home when left alone
  4. Peeing or soiling the house
  5. Excessive scratching or licking

If your pet shows any of these behaviours, they can bring harm to themselves and others. Have our team assist you with correcting these behaviours. Feel free to call us at 780-428-8802.

What is pet behaviour therapy?

The veterinarian will recommend an initial consultation to determine what may be causing your pet to act out. It is important to identify any health issues that may have an impact on their behaviour. Once we've ruled out medical reasons the veterinarian will recommend practical skills that can prevent unwanted behaviours. The behaviour modification plan is tailored to each patient and can reverse behaviours associated with aggressiveness and fear in pets. When applied properly, your pet's behaviour will improve.

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