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Dermatology Services for Pets

Using proper skincare, parasite prevention and professional treatment to prevent itching in pets.

Just like humans, your royal companion will get itchy sometimes. It's a constant nuisance to them and yourself from cleaning up more hair or just the sound of them scratching. Our team can provide some relief by skillfully performing examinations and running tests to determine what is causing them to itch. Our veterinarians will then create a treatment plan to get them comfortable and prevent itching in the future.

What is causing my pet to itch?

There are many variables that can contribute to pets itching. It could stem from their:

  • Environment - dust, pollen, mold, grass
  • Health issues- bacterial/yeast infections, hot spots
  • Allergies - reactions to certain foods
  • Parasites - fleas, ticks, ringworm

What are signs that my pet's itching may be due to a medical issue?

It is better to have a trained veterinarian examine your pet's symptoms than to wait for them to get worse. Skin problems will escalate if left untreated and will continue to cause pain for your cat or dog. Here are signs that your pet's itching may be due to allergies or an infection:

  1. Scooting, rolling more than usual
  2. Licking, biting, gnawing of the skin
  3. Frequent ear problems and head shaking
  4. Body odour
  5. Redness of the skin
  6. Darkened areas of the skin
  7. Skin sores

Get your pet to a veterinarian immediately as some skin conditions may even spread to you. Call us at 780-428-8802 to schedule an appointment.

How will my pet's dermatological issue be treated?

There are many effective and safe treatments that your veterinarian may recommend for your pet. The perfect remedy will be based on the cause of your pet's itching, it may include topical creams, tablets, medicated shampoos, and injections that can soothe their problem.

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