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Euthanasia Services for Pets

A humane option for pets suffering from chronic pain impacting their quality of life.

From all our team members at Glenora Family Pet Clinic, our hearts are with you, and we are so sorry you have to make this decision. Losing a family member is never easy, but we hope we can help make it just a little less hard on you. Our team is dedicated to making this process stress-free for you and peaceful for your loyal companion. We will always be here to make sure you have the support you need to make it through this time.

What is pet euthanasia like?

The process is quick and painless for your pet. We will provide a compassionate and relaxing environment for your cat or dog. If your pet is still a bit nervous or anxious the veterinarian will provide a sedative to calm them. The euthanasia medication is given through an IV injection. The drug is a seizure medication that when given in high doses will immediately stop organ function without them feeling anything.

When is euthanasia recommended?

This is normally the final option for pets. Our veterinarians can provide palliative care to keep your pet comfortable, but this treatment cannot improve their health. Euthanasia is recommended for pets who have chronic pain or health conditions which makes it difficult for them to live a normal life. As their quality of life decreases, they begin to eat less, hide more, are less affectionate, don't enjoy activities they used to love or even sleep more. Although your pet is physically with you their personality starts to disappear. Our team can only recommend the procedure, but you have to make the final decision to euthanize your pet.

Can you offer at-home euthanasia?

At this time Glenora Family Pet Clinic does not offer at-home euthanasia directly, however we do highly recommend the very kind and compassionate companies below:

Peaceful Passing Pets

Wellness Home Vet

Furever Friends Veterinary Services

Vets to Go Veterinary Services

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