IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to high demand, please be aware that we are now booking wellness exams & vaccine appointments 3-4 weeks in advance. Starting January 1, 2024, non-special order refills require 48-72 hours notice, while special orders & outside prescriptions need 5-7 business days notice.

Surgical Services for Pets

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

Surgery is to be expected throughout your pet's life. Knowing that your loyal companion has an upcoming procedure can be very stressful for any pet parent, however having a reliable team to offer support can make it easier for you. At Glenora Family Pet Clinic, we are very experienced and well-equipped to perform various procedures on cats and dogs. Our veterinarians are very knowledgeable about modern techniques that can have your pet spend less time under anesthesia. Even after surgery, our team continues to offer support through follow-ups and by providing rehabilitation such as laser therapy.

What surgeries are offered at your clinic?

Our surgeons can perform spays and neuters, dental procedures, soft tissue surgeries like foreign objects removal, bladder stone removal, wound repair and more! To learn more about the surgical procedures we provide at our clinic please call us at 780-428-8802.

What are pre-surgical instructions for my pet?

Surgical and dental patients need to be dropped off between 8-9 am. Please do not offer any solid food after 10 pm the night before the procedure. Water can be offered through the night. They should skip breakfast.

If your pet is diabetic or a pediatric patient, they should not be fasted for long periods of time. In these cases, we will provide special instructions for your pet.

Is anesthesia safe?

While there can be anesthesia complications, our team goes the extra mile to ensure your companion's safety. Prior to anesthesia all pets must have bloodwork testing done. Bloodwork is usually performed before surgery to ensure the patient's levels are normal and that their organs are functioning properly. Organ function is important to ensure your pet can handle the procedure and will recover from anesthesia. If the tests show your pet is a good candidate for surgery, we will go ahead with the procedure. However, if we find anything out of their normal, we will recommend treatment and reschedule the surgery.

How can I care for my pet's surgical wound?

In addition to the classic E-collar (Cone), for some surgeries we are now able to offer a surgery suit! We often refer to the surgery suit as your pets' "pajamas". Surgery suits are a great way (when applicable) to offer a more comfortable and stress-free recovery, while still protecting the incision.

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